Entry #18

New music, mane! Ambient music!

2012-03-01 13:27:01 by Ogt2

Yo what's up guys, it's been a while since I haven't posted anything on Newgrounds. As a matter of fact it's been a while I actually was on Newgrounds. Last time I was was maybe about more than two years ago, when I posted Fark and Prog on the audio portal. That was back in the day, man, I'll tell ya that much.

Anyways, enough with the boring crap, this news post is to inform all you awesome people that since Fark and Prog my music has evolved a LOT. I evolved a lot too, but my music's evolution is probably more important than mine over the past couple of years.
Since Fark and Prog, I released Polygon Mesh on my website, which unfortunately has experienced some (permanent) "technical difficulties". In other words Polygon Mesh is now lost in a vast unconnected area of the internet, far out of reach for anyone who would wish to download it, but if you're interested in listening to Polygon Mesh anyway, it will be uploaded soon onto mediafire and on my Tumblr, so keep an eye out!

During the creation process of Polygon Mesh I discovered that I was really fond of ambient music, and it was a genre of music that I loved and still love making. So now I make ambient music! How cool is that?
Anyways, from now I will upload my music and you can find it on the Audio Portal, noted with a "OG -" tag in front of the newer song titles.
If you want to listen to more of my work you can also check out my YouTube channel and my Bandcamp page where you can buy my best featured work for a very (very) modest price (can ye spare som' change fer a young musician?).

So that's about it! Thanks a lot for reading, guys, and if you like my work please leave a comment or send me a PM, makes me happy, and stay tuned for more ;D



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